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Hadia Al Mansour

Hadia Al Mansour

Al Mansour

Hadia Al Mansour is a freelance, Syrian journalist who writes for a wide range of publications and focuses on social, economic and security issues, as well as the treatment of women and children.

Displaced Syrian civilians who fled bombardment by the Assad regime in the south of opposition-held Idlib province are finding themselves ruthlessly expelled yet again - this time by local landowners backed by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

08 April, 2022

Hospitals across Idlib and northwest Syria, devastated by repeated bombardment, are becoming death traps for ordinary Syrians, as rampant medical malpractice is resulting in rising deaths and injuries of patients with no redress.

04 March, 2022

Idlib has seen an alarming rise in cyber blackmail, with online harassers targeting women and girls, hacking their accounts and threatening to publish private photos if they refuse the blackmailers' demands: usually sex, money, or both.

15 February, 2022

Syrians in Idlib are turning to online apps to make money and help make ends meet. While these apps are giving increased agency to some and enabling a small profit to be made, others worry they are eroding the aspirations of young people.

05 January, 2022

Olive pickers are risking death to work the fields of Idlib's Jabal Al-Zawiya region, a fertile area ravaged by constant regime bombardment. Displaced women make up the bulk of labourers, as they seek desperately to provide for their families.

08 November, 2021