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Hadia Al Mansour

Hadia Al Mansour

Al Mansour

Hadia Al Mansour is a freelance, Syrian journalist who writes for a wide range of publications and focuses on social, economic and security issues, as well as the treatment of women and children.

War-torn and isolated northwest Syria is among the world's regions most impacted by today's global economic crises due to its reliance on the volatile Turkish lira, total dependence on overseas aid, and the absence of monetary policy and monitoring.

26 May, 2023

The magic of Ramadan is absent in northwest Syria in the aftermath of the earthquake which hit in February, which has exacerbated the struggle to survive for millions, left thousands grieving and many suffering from mental trauma and illness.

11 April, 2023

Hadia Al Mansour, on the ground in Idlib, speaks to survivors and bears witness to the massive destruction that has befallen the opposition-held region in the face of a lack of aid and assistance, freezing conditions, and extremely limited resources.

11 February, 2023

Thousands of women across northwest Syria have been plunged into the role of the family breadwinner, many having lost their husbands, and desperate to provide for their families. However, they face myriad difficulties in their quest for work.

20 January, 2023

As the EU's stance, and those of its allies, hardens towards refugees - whose right to seek refuge is enshrined in law - the exodus continues from Syria, where families are desperate to reunite and live in dignity, whatever the risks.

16 December, 2022

Fertility problems are on the rise in northwest Syria, as elsewhere in the war-ravaged country, with many trying for a baby later in life due to poverty, insecure living conditions, and the high cost of fertility treatments.

24 November, 2022

Solar energy usage has increased across northwest Syria, despite the risks, as the destruction of power stations has led to constant power cuts while fuel hikes have left millions unable to afford alternate means of energy.

11 October, 2022

In recent months a series of femicides in broad daylight in several Arab countries have prompted waves of outrage at a crime all too common in the region. However, in Syria, escalating femicide cases are largely being ignored.

06 September, 2022

With Syria entering the scorching summer months, wildfires are on the rise. In northwest Syria, drought, regime bombing and the makeshift stoves used in IDP camps are exacerbating the deadly phenomenon.

08 July, 2022

States of Journalism series: Female journalists in Idlib remain steadfast in face of myriad challenges; from regime bombing to oppressive measures imposed by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, to the deeply patriarchal society which rejects women working.

01 July, 2022