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Fernando Carvajal

Fernando Carvajal

Fernando Carvajal

Fernando Carvajal served on the UN Security Council Panel of Experts of Yemen from April 2017 to March 2019 as an armed groups and regional expert. He has nearly 20 years of experience conducting fieldwork in Yemen and is a specialist in Yemeni politics and tribal relations.

Analysis: Tensions are rising between competing factions in the province of Hadramawt as southern forces mobilise against the Islamist party al-Islah, further threatening fragile peace agreements.  

06 February, 2023

Analysis: Despite reports of a resurgent al-Qaeda in Yemen, the rise in terrorist attacks may be a sign of weakness rather than strength, as the group is forced to go on the run.

21 November, 2022

Analysis: The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated al-Islah party has suffered recent defeats on the strategic, political, and military front, raising doubts as to whether it can survive the coming fight against the Houthis.

12 October, 2022

Analysis: A series of ostentatious Houthi military parades to showcase their weaponry, manpower, and military readiness has concerned the UN and mediating bodies, which are struggling to maintain a ceasefire in Yemen amid renewed fighting.

13 September, 2022

Analysis: UN funds for Yemen have fallen severely short, as Houthis continue to divert aid intended for civilians and profit from international assistance. The current ceasefire may be the first step in getting humanitarian aid to those in need.

04 April, 2022

Analysis: A series of government defeats to Houthi rebels this year have left a power vacuum in parts of the country, with rival powers positioning themselves to play a more influential role ahead of UN talks.

07 December, 2021

Analysis: With all eyes on deadly fighting in Marib, an escalation of Yemen's conflict in Shabwa also threatens stability in the country's southern provinces.

02 November, 2021