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Anmol Irfan

Anmol Irfan

Anmol Irfan

Anmol Irfan is a freelance journalist with bylines in VICE, HUCK, Guardian amongst others. She has experience writing on minority politics, activism, and gender issues. She is also the founder Pakistani community plaform, Perspectives Magazine. 

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We're constantly told by society to keep working and progressing. This mentality is so ingrained in us that we often forget to make time for what matters. In a month dedicated to spiritual well-being, Ramadan can provide a welcome respite.

31 March, 2023

Incidents of domestic and gender-based violence against women have seen a dramatic increase since the pandemic, none more so than in the South Asian community. Fearful of communal shame and ignored by the authorities, they face double discrimination.

09 March, 2023

Syria and China's regimes have sought to capitalise on their conflict zones by allowing filmmakers to use their war-torn settings. This ethical problem nonetheless occurs across the world and often serves as a pretext for government whitewashing.

09 September, 2022

Despite being largely forgotten by global travel guides, Pakistan has some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Such surroundings have brought forth a host of wellness retreats, which have birthed new and sustainable forms of tourism.

05 July, 2022

Contained by restrictive religious pressures and societal prejudice, many women in Pakistan are forced to resort to illegal abortions as a means of family planning. Were it not for dedicated medical personnel, this crisis would be even more severe.

17 June, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Pride of Pakistan, Zenith Irfan. Fondly nicknamed 'Pakistan's motorcycle girl', Zenith Irfan has become the first woman in Pakistan to ride the length of the country and has inspired millions of Pakistani women in the process.

20 May, 2022

A number of influencers have begun promoting sustainable brands after realising the detrimental impact material waste and irresponsible consumption has had on the environment. But whilst this is encouraging, a lot still needs to be done.

03 May, 2022

Criticisms of the main political parties being built on a 'political dynasty' or those posing as anti-establishment just highlight how politics in Pakistan has always polarised people and only perpetuated the country's instability.

21 April, 2022

Muslim women in the Indian state of Karnataka have found themselves thrust into a nationwide debate over the banning of hijabs in schools. But as Modi's BJP tightens its grip on social norms, Indian Muslims fear further ostracization and hostility.

05 April, 2022

Recent flooding of the Senegal river has highlighted once again the continued impact of climate change. Yet within this, women are especially susceptible of destitution, which poses troubling questions for their general survival and family planning.

08 December, 2021