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Ouissal Harize

Ouissal Harize


Ouissal Harize is a UK based researcher, cultural essayist, and freelance journalist.
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The New Arab Meets: Palestinian-American astronaut in training, Noor Haj-Tamim. Inspired by an inquisitive mind and the dream to represent her nation, Noor is an inspiration to Arab girls and proof that impossible is just a word.

28 April, 2023

A searing thriller that examines the pitfalls of human instinct, Tarik Saleh's Cairo Conspiracy is a film of firsts. Set in the seat of Muslim knowledge Al-Azhar, Saleh's honest portrayal of faith and power has film critics lauding his brilliance.

14 April, 2023

The New Arab Meets: Film director Cyrus Neshvad to talk about Iran, women's rights, and his passion for filmmaking as a language of his own.

07 April, 2023

The New Arab Meets: Emmy Award-winning director, Joshua Seftel. Campaigning to upend harmful stereotypes through cinema, Joshua's latest film Stranger at the Gate exposes the inanity of Islamophobia in the US by appealing to our shared humanity.

23 December, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Qatari composer Dana Al Fardan, who has earned and cemented her place in the long lineage of border-crossing artists making their name in MENA's musical repertoire.

21 October, 2022

The role of cinema in documenting and commemorating the Algerian revolution and the horrendous crimes of French colonialism has been vital. Djaffar Gacem continues this legacy with his film Heliopolis, which revisits the massacre of Sétif and Guelma.

05 July, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Syrian Armenian artist and pioneering creative, Stephany Sanossian. By fusing dream-like states with seemingly mundane Middle Eastern scenery, Stephany's art is able to reimagine the region through both utopian and injured terms.

08 April, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Palestinian-American activist, comedian, and actress, Maysoon Zayid. Having faced countless obstacles from disability discrimination to distrust over her ethnicity, Maysoon is a shining example of Arab-American excellence.

11 February, 2022

Arabs in the UK series: British-Palestinian filmmaker Saeed Taji Farouky has always struggled against creative pigeonholing. Choosing to interrogate perennial themes involving perseverance, Farouky's films will no doubt stand the test of time.

07 January, 2022

The New Arab Meets: Algerian artist, Youcef Hadjazi, whose exhibition and workshop Trauma Then, Trauma Now attempts to grapple with the pain the people and country continue to face.

19 November, 2021