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The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The Democratic Forces of Change, alongside independent MPs, are opposing the Iraqi parliament's efforts to rush through a change to electoral laws which many believe are intended to further strengthen the dominant political forces of the country.

20 March, 2023

Despite many Tunisian governmental pledges to tackle gender disparities in the workplace and elsewhere, women are still being forced to work longer hours than men, and for less pay.

17 March, 2023

Following the tentative China-brokered reconciliation agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the UAE has taken steps to thaw its relationship with Iran, another sign of shifting regional dynamics.

16 March, 2023

The Iran-backed Iraqi militias which form the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) have expanded their presence in north Syria, specifically in Aleppo since the earthquake, claiming to be delivering aid.

08 March, 2023

Following three Israeli massacres in less than two months, the militant Tulkarm Brigade has announced the formation of "swift response" units to fight against Israel.

02 March, 2023

Israeli forces stormed a house in Aqabat Jaber camp in Jericho, injuring at least three Palestinians. The city has been under siege since Monday.

01 March, 2023

Syrian Palestinian refugees in Turkey complain that recent changes to the procedure for them to obtain or renew Palestinian passports have made the process harder, more costly, and could pose a threat to their legal status in Turkey.

01 March, 2023

In-depth: Across Libya, child migrants are being tortured by traffickers to extort their families for money, as more children attempt the perilous journey to Europe in search of a better life.

28 February, 2023

On Sunday night settlers from the illegal Israeli outposts of Har Bracha and Yitzhar stormed Hawara village in the West Bank, burning cars and houses and attacking locals while the Israeli army reportedly stood by.

28 February, 2023

Farmers across northeast Syria are welcoming the return of the Khabur River waters which are flowing once again into the region after Turkey had to release water from dams damaged in the earthquake.

17 February, 2023