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Adam Doyle


Adam Doyle is an artist and researcher based in the Republic of Ireland specialising in Irish politics.

After a thorough investigation of Chinese social media trends, The New Arab has uncovered the dystopic phenomenon of 'Syrian-style' cafes in China, with a growing number of social media influencers using the rubble-laden sites as a novelty photo-op.

09 November, 2021

Sally Rooney's refusal to sell her book's rights to an Israeli publishing house has brought Ireland's continued support for Palestine to the fore once more. The New Arab looks back at the history of this support, and the two's shared psyche.

26 October, 2021

In-depth: Captagon is by no means a new phenomenon in the Middle East, but the Syrian civil war and a collapsing economy have pushed the market into high gear.

05 August, 2021

In-depth: The PSNI, Northern Ireland's police service, is partnering with Israeli security institutions to develop tools for crime prediction and prevention, law enforcement research, and personal surveillance.

05 July, 2021

In-depth: The historical parallels of colonialism, repression, and inequality shared by Ireland and Palestine have created a bond of solidarity between both nations.

17 June, 2021