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Jo Schietti


Jo Schietti is a freelance journalist based in Cairo.

In-depth: With the COP27 summit underway, pressure is mounting on Egypt to release the jailed Egyptian-British activist. The New Arab spoke with Sanaa Seif to find out more about her brother's long fight for freedom.

07 November, 2022

In-depth: Last week's aggravated conviction of the high-profile Turkish activist and his seven co-defendants has been received with widespread shock in a rare act of defiance of the European human rights system.

06 May, 2022

Egypt is arresting healthcare workers who criticise the government's mishandling of the public health crisis.

08 July, 2020

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's regime has ramped up its brutal campaign against freedom of expression in the media, punishing anyone challenging the official line.

28 May, 2020

News of the sudden death of former president Mohamed Morsi has sent shock waves in Egypt and around the world amid sympathy, indignation and calls for an impartial investigation.

26 June, 2019

With rampant population growth and a population of 95 million, many Egyptians are leaving in search of opportunities, writes Jo Schietti.

22 January, 2018

In-depth: The call by the Union of Sinai Tribes in the wake of the Radwa mosque attack will have no effect without a unified tribal effort, reports Jo Schietti.

22 December, 2017

In-depth: The proposed bill is expected to be discussed in parliament amid fear and paranoia in Egypt's LGBT community.

27 November, 2017

In-depth: A new surge in militancy is emerging in Egypt's west, with the army already struggling to cope with an insurgency in the eastern Sinai provinces.

08 November, 2017

In-depth: After Egypt qualified for the 2018 World Cup, parliamentarians have called on President Sisi to allow 'Ultras' football fans to attend matches and release those imprisoned, reports Jo Schietti.

25 October, 2017