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Samuel Ramani

Samuel Ramani

Samuel Ramani is a doctoral candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on Russian foreign policy towards the Middle East

Follow him on Twitter: @SamRamani2

Analysis: While Putin has defused the imminent threat posed by Prigozhin's rebellion, the reverberations of the coup attempt will continue to pose challenges for his regime and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

27 June, 2023

Analysis: Sudan's intra-military conflict has grave implications for cross-border migration and food insecurity, but it remains to be seen whether the AU can work effectively with African regional actors to de-escalate hostilities.

10 May, 2023

Analysis: In Sudan's power struggle, the Russian mercenary group Wagner sees clear advantages in prolonging the conflict and strengthening the bargaining power of the Rapid Support Forces.

25 April, 2023

Analysis: Although increased cooperation between Turkey and Egypt is a positive trend for the security of the region, a genuine rapprochement between the two rival powers could be some distance away.

30 March, 2023

Analysis: During the first year of the Ukraine war, the GCC's commitment to multipolarity and harnessing their soft power was on full display.

02 March, 2023

Analysis: The Taliban's courtship of the UAE is driven by transactional benefits and its desire to moderate its image to the international community.

15 December, 2022

Analysis: Although Russian forces remain mired in Ukraine, the Kremlin views its foothold in Syria as vital for its influence in the Middle East and will watch Turkey's next moves with trepidation.

05 December, 2022

Analysis: As the Taliban progresses towards establishing a governance framework in Afghanistan, regional powers will be watching with trepidation.

23 August, 2021

Analysis: While the extent and duration of Turkey's anticipated military intervention in Sinjar is unclear, Russia is watching the situation in northern Iraq with apprehension.

17 March, 2021