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Hassan al-Ashraf


Our man in Morocco

Analysis: Rabat's motives for taking part in a Saudi-led assault on Yemen is being questioned following the downing of a Moroccan fighter jet.

13 May, 2015

Clinton Global Initiative summit in Marrakesh in May lists former Israeli president Shimon Peres as attending, causing outrage in Morocco.

21 April, 2015

A new draft law has been passed in the kingdom to imprison or fine anyone guilty of sexual harassment or blasphemy.

06 April, 2015

Analysis: Though it ostensibly failed to achieve most of its goals, Morocco's 20 February movement may yet prove to be a watershed in the long history of the political activism in the kingdom.

21 February, 2015

Security cooperation between France and Morocco has been suspended as diplomatic relations have been strained by a series of incidents in France that have offended Moroccan politicians and officials.

17 January, 2015

Morocco is trying to mend relations after state media channels attacked the Egyptian president.

09 January, 2015

Rabat and Tehran have signalled a warming of diplomatic relations, five years after Morocco accused Iran of spreading its brand of Shia Islam within the kingdom.

06 January, 2015

Rabat's foreign minister has accused Algeria of failing to do enough to mend ties between the two countries.

16 December, 2014

The Western Sahara independence movement has been dismissed by Morocco's leaders, but anger prevails.

11 November, 2014

More women are working in official positions, but critics say still not enough

12 September, 2014