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Jessica Buxbaum

Jessica Buxbaum

Jessica Buxbaum is a Jerusalem-based journalist covering Palestine and Israel. Her work has been featured in Middle East Eye, The National and Gulf News. Follow her on Twitter: @jess_buxbaum

In-depth: Over 180 Palestinian villages that were destroyed in 1948 are now Israeli recreational sites or national parks, with environmentalism used to conceal the history of the Nakba.

15 May, 2023

In-depth: Decisions by Barcelona, Oslo, and Liège to take boycott measures against Israel reflect how grassroots activism and local decision-making are driving support for Palestinian human rights.

04 May, 2023

In-depth: As Palestinian civil society faces concerted attacks from Israel, the Palestinian Authority is also accused of shrinking civic space.

20 April, 2023

In-depth: The far-right Jewish supremacist has been promised an armed national guard independent of Israel's police hierarchy.

04 April, 2023

In-depth: While a small group of anti-occupation activists has participated, Israel's months-long protest movement has mostly ignored the longstanding injustices facing Palestinians.

30 March, 2023

In-depth: With Israel's settler movement emboldened and untouchable, more violent settler rampages like Hawara are inevitable.

07 March, 2023

In-depth: The Noam party leader, a religious-nationalist settler known for his extreme anti-LGBTQ+ views, will have control over all external curricula in Israel's education system.

03 January, 2023

Analysis: The far-right extremist has long sought to change the status quo at al-Aqsa mosque and his new role will galvanise the settler movement while empowering soldiers and border police to clamp down on Palestinians.

06 December, 2022

In-depth: Testimonies from Israeli soldiers and experts reveal that military attacks in Gaza are carried out knowing that Palestinian civilians will be killed.

31 August, 2022

In-depth: Decades after Kach's founding and Rabbi Meir Kahane's death, the radical Jewish supremacist movement may be even more influential today than during its inception.

07 June, 2022