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Barak Barfi


Barak Barfi is a research fellow at the New America Foundation, where he specializes in Arab and Islamic Affairs.

Book Club: Alaa Al Aswany explains dictatorship as a disease whose causes and symptoms must be thoroughly studied if we wish to eradicate it.

06 August, 2020

Comment: Israeli PM Netanyahu's fate lies in the hands of avaricious coalition members, reluctant to cede their perks in the name of justice, writes Barak Barfi.

16 February, 2018

Comment: If Yemen is to set itself on its feet again, its leader must address long-festering issues they have conveniently skirted in favour of placating patrons, writes Barak Barfi.

12 December, 2017

Comment: Both at home and abroad the challenges facing bin Salman will be huge. It is unlikely he will succeed where more experienced hands did not, writes Barak Barfi.

23 June, 2017

Comment: Qatar's policies, many of which were until recently mainstream in the Gulf, have led it to be hounded simply for not toeing the regional line, writes Barak Barfi.

15 June, 2017