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Alex Čizmić and Ricard Gonzalez

Alex Čizmić and Ricard Gonzalez

Alex Čizmić is a freelance journalist based between Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, who writes about the Balkans. Follow him on Twitter: @bosnian1993

Ricard Gonzalez is a freelance journalist covering Mediterranean and Arab countries, previously based in Egypt and Tunisia. Follow him on Twitter: @RicardGonz

The scars of the Balkan division continue to haunt the region with peace a fragile commodity. With nationalist groups continuing to exploit nascent sectarian ideas, they have infiltrated the education system, with the next generation now under threat

10 November, 2022

Islam adopted a more prominent role within Bosnian society after the country's bloody civil war, but radical interpretations have never taken root.

17 March, 2020