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Lamis Andoni


Lamis Andoni is a Palestinian journalist, writer and academic who led the launch of The New Arab as editor-in-chief.

Comment: The Middle East's powerful elites have deliberately entrenched sectarian divisions to maintain control in the wake of popular uprisings - but the worst may be yet to come.

01 April, 2015

Comment: Security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel only legitimises and facilitates the occupation. There is no reason it should continue.

25 March, 2015

Comment: The United States has once again decided that "stability" is preferable to peace or justice, writes Lamis Andoni.

18 March, 2015

Comment: The emergence of the IS group has benefitted the Arab world's oppressive regimes; without IS, revolutionary fervour would still be spreading.

17 February, 2015

Comment: As anger boils over in Jordan over Moaz al-Kassasbeh's murder, IS could succeed in drawing Jordan into a never-ending US-led war, says Lamis Andoni.

04 February, 2015

Comment: The fate of a Jordanian pilot held by IS has intensified pressure on King Abdullah over Jordan's role in the US-led war against IS, with Jordanians expressing broad discontent with the regime.

01 February, 2015

Comment: The call for social justice that echoed through the Arab revolutions threatened the international economic order, and so revolutionaries had to face the consequences.

28 January, 2015

Palestine's membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is an opportunity to put Israeli occupation itself on trial, and not just its consequences, even if such a trial may only be held in the court of international public opinion.

05 January, 2015

Many believed Amman would be merely providing logistical support in the US-led fight against IS. But the capture of Moaz al-Kasasba exposed Jordan's involvement in yet another American war, and sparked a wave of solidarity with the young pilot.

30 December, 2014

To be honourable is to protect the dignity of a human being, certainly and primarily a woman, and not to take possession of her and eliminate her. There is no honour in “honour killing”.

22 December, 2014