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Anu Shukla

Anu Shukla

In-depth: Amid a violent crackdown in the Chin and Rakhine states by Myanmar's military junta and armed gangs plaguing camps in Bangladesh, Rohingya refugees find themselves caught in an increasingly desperate situation.

24 November, 2021

Models with disabilities radiated with pride along London Fashion Week's runway this September thanks to British-Somali visionary Faduma Farah.

30 September, 2021

A Freedom of Information request submitted by Migrants Rights Network has revealed that nearly 500,000 migrants had their tax details shared with the UK Home Office, further revealing the insidious and systemic designs of the political establishment.

12 August, 2021

The New Arab Meets: British-Somali designer, Faduma Farah, who, unsettled by the lack of clothing options for wheelchair users, set out to forge a new style that truly accommodates disability. Now, her collection is debuting at London Fashion Week.

08 June, 2021

We crossed continents to speak with female DJs who have cultivated a spectrum of projects in the face of political instability and gender inequality to elevate other artists everywhere.

10 March, 2021

Analysis: With the veneer of Myanmar's democracy now removed, the plight of Rohingya Muslims continues to be overshadowed by geopolitical interests.

01 March, 2021

Bhasan Char may be more 'comfortable' than the mainland, but for some it is nothing more than a deceptive facade making survival a life or death situation, writes Anu Shukla.

12 February, 2021

From the metaphysical to the political, spoken word artist Potent Whisper explores the concept of lucid dreaming.

28 July, 2020

Tensions are rising on the remote prison island of Bhasan Char, where some 300 Rohingya refugees were shipped after being rescued from traffickers.

20 May, 2020

Lockdown is bringing an ironic sense of freedom to artists in the Middle East, with live streams dismantling borders and opening frontiers like never before.

07 May, 2020