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Ibrahim Al-Marashi


Ibrahim Al-Marashi is an associate professor of History at California State University San Marcos. He is co-author of Iraq’s Armed Forces: An Analytical History and The Modern History of Iraq.

In-depth: This International Women's Day, and 20 years after the US invasion of Iraq, the post-2003 state still does not have the capacity to ensure gendered security.

08 March, 2023

In-depth: Despite its catastrophic consequences for the Iraqi people, the 2003 invasion of Iraq is celebrated in American consciousness as a victory, and consumerist glorifications of the war pervade US society.

06 June, 2022

In-depth: Whether on the frontlines of battle or seeking refuge from the fighting, Ukrainian Muslims have faced a difficult and emotional Ramadan, with Eid celebrations overshadowed by violence.

04 May, 2022

Analysis: The 19-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the current war in Ukraine serve as a reminder of the futility of seeking to achieve political aims by military invasion.

11 April, 2022

As pundits attempt to explain Putin's invasion of Ukraine, one voice is absent, that of the Ukrainian generation born after the collapse of the USSR. To understand the moment that brought us here, they must be heard, writes Ibrahim Al Marashi.

17 March, 2022

In-depth: This Black History Month, The New Arab explores the past, present and future of the Afro-Iraqi community as it fights to protect an identity that transcends time and space.

25 February, 2022

Comment: The endemic problems that sparked the October protests in Iraq have not gone away in the aftermath of Soleimani's assassination, writes Ibrahim Al-Marashi.

10 January, 2020

Comment: Just two months after Trump's inauguration, significant damage has already been done to American-Iraqi relations, despite amendments to the travel ban, writes Ibrahim Al-Marashi.

22 March, 2017