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Sam Hamad

Sam Hamad


Sam Hamad is a writer and History PhD student at the University of Glasgow, focusing on totalitarian ideologies.

Despite a difference in motives between the US invasion of Iraq and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in both cases, invading powers were driven by failed ideological arrogance, writes Sam Hamad.

04 April, 2022

While certain Syrians celebrate Russian losses in its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, such celebrations are bitter sweet reminders of how the world traumatically abandoned Syria to Russia, writes Sam Hamad.

09 March, 2022

Rife with Orientalism and double standards, media coverage of Ukraine emphasises that “civilised” and “European” Ukrainians don't deserve war. The flip side of this racist coin implies non-White people are less worthy of empathy, writes Sam Hamad.

01 March, 2022

Ukraine and Syria are bound together by Russia's will to enforce tyranny against liberty. If the international community to caves to these moves, it is not only Ukrainians and Syrians who will pay the price, writes Sam Hamad.

22 February, 2022

The conviction of Syrian war criminal Anwar Raslan for crimes against humanity is a remarkable victory for his victims, but until the top perpetrators of the Assad regime's atrocities are held accountable, justice remains elusive, writes Sam Hamad.

18 January, 2022

Russia’s recent intervention in Kazakhstan to quell popular protest is the latest in Putin’s growing list of “anti-humanitarian interventions”, a strategy first honed and emboldened in Syria, writes Sam Hamad.

13 January, 2022

A most glaring aspect of the counterrevolution in Sudan is the absence of the US, suggesting that it is content with handing over Sudan and the wider MENA region to its UAE-Saudi allies regardless of the bloodshed, writes Sam Hamad.

15 December, 2021

Thawing relations between Turkey and UAE is yet another victory for UAE's vision of a regional entente composed of powerful and brutal states at the expense of the powerless and oppressed, writes Sam Hamad.

01 December, 2021

Bashar Assad's removal of Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun is a means for the regime to ideologically surveille and shape Syrian Sunnism as a means to ensure an uprising never happens again, writes Sam Hamad.

24 November, 2021

The normalisation of Assad, whether tacitly or openly approved by the US, simply means more death and suffering for Syrians, writes Sam Hamad.

17 November, 2021