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Shams Al-Shakarchi


Shams Al-Shakarchi is a British-Iraqi journalist at The New Arab, with an interest in Iraq and women's rights.

The New Arab Meets: Qatari entrepreneur and fashionista, Amal Ameen. Having built up her business by tailoring her work to an exclusive client base, she speaks on contributing to Qatari style, and her advice for budding Arab entrepreneurs.

17 September, 2021

It was a night of firsts for gender, race and religion, and a huge leap towards female and Muslim representation at the highest levels of US politics.

07 November, 2018

The New Arab Meets: Sudanese-Australian author, engineer and social justice advocate Yassmin Abdel-Magied on rebuilding her life in London.

28 September, 2018

Among children's cheeky grins and uplifting family tales are stories of unpursued dreams and heartbreaking poverty.

16 September, 2018

Using starvation as a weapon of war has become a 'new normal' in conflict, says Save the Children, with more hundreds of thousands of children likely to die this year.

09 September, 2018

Archaeologists defied warnings of 'the curse' that would be unleashed if the 2,000-year-old tomb was cracked open.

22 July, 2018

The Qaimaqchi brothers captured the beginning of modern Iraq through painting, sculpture and photography.

20 July, 2018

Iran's Supreme Leader made a subtle dig at Trump's credibility in the week the US withdrew from the nuclear deal.

12 May, 2018

Blog: Social media users shared grave warnings over Trump's departure from the Iran deal.

09 May, 2018

With a condescending lesson on the US constitution, Republican senators warned Iran about entering into a deal with Obama which his successor could undo 'with a stroke of a pen'.

09 May, 2018