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Nadine Sayegh

Nadine Sayegh


Nadine Sayegh is a multidisciplinary writer and researcher covering the Arab world. For over ten years, she has covered a variety of both social and geopolitical issues including gender in the region, human security, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She holds an MA in Media and the Middle East from SOAS and is a PhD candidate at the University of Toulouse. 

Israel's intrinsic impulse to flatten Gaza has backfired and its new plan to redraw the Middle East has stalled. States with relations with Israel have distanced themselves, and Saudi Arabia has condemned the pariah state, halting normalisation.

19 October, 2023

Israel's apartheid system, illegal violence and sophisticated weaponry have pushed Palestinians into a corner. This essay uses the concepts of biopower and necropolitics to understand how Israel controls Palestinian bodies both in life and death.

06 July, 2023

The Palestinian diaspora lives 'out of place' in permanent exile and stateless purgatory. This reality has forced many to reckon with their alien-ness either by adopting dual identities or appreciating the status of a perpetual foreigner.

16 May, 2023

The kingdom’s long list of human rights abuses and international law violations have only accelerated in 2022, culminating in a mass execution of 81 prisoners. The international community must do more to hold Riyadh accountable, writes Nadine Sayegh.

30 April, 2022

November 25th marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and a 16-day campaign by UN Women to fight gender based violence. It is especially prescient this year after the disproportionate effects of the pandemic.

25 November, 2021

Palestinian prisoners are damned to a prison system that perpetuates their reality as second-class citizens in Israel. From women being forced to conceive inside prisons to the increasing phenomenon of child prisoners, Palestinians are without mercy.

22 October, 2021

Women and girls in Lebanon are struggling to afford menstrual products amid the country’s economic crisis, with many having to reuse disposable sanitary pads following the sharp rise in prices – turning a necessity into an unaffordable luxury.

05 August, 2021

On the anniversary of Ghassan Kanafani's assassination, The New Arab takes stock of the history and legacy of Palestinian cultural figures assassinated by Israel, and how their enduring significance continues to permeate within the Palestinian mind.

08 July, 2021

The UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are allowing the use of plastic that falls under the category of 'oxo-degradable plastic' which poses a big risk to the environment.

17 January, 2020