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Khalid Al-Karimi


Khalid Al-Karimi is a freelance reporter and translator. He is a staff member of the Sana'a-based Yemeni Media Center and previously worked as a full-time editor and reporter for the Yemen Times newspaper.

Comment: Yemen's children will continue to be exploited as long as there is no economic alternative for their families, writes Khalid Al-Karimi.

06 March, 2017

Comment: The power handover resulting from Yemen's Arab Spring was once touted as a model for transition. On the sixth anniversary of the protests, Khalid Al-Karimi asks what went wrong?

20 February, 2017

Comment: Yemeni civilians are victims of indiscriminate killings perpetrated by both US special forces and armed extremist groups, writes Khalid Al-Karimi.

02 February, 2017

Comment: Two years have gone by, and Yemen's people are still besieged by violence, food insecurity and deadly diseases, writes Khalid Al-Karimi.

30 December, 2016

Comment: The formation of a new, rival Houthi-Saleh government is steering Yemen towards separation and an increasingly sectarian conflict, writes Khalid Alkarimi

02 December, 2016

Comment: Yemen's 20-month conflict has already claimed thousands of lives. It's high time concessions were made on both sides, if lasting peace is to be agreed, writes Khalid Al-Karimi

22 November, 2016

Comment: Calls for south Yemen to secede from the north are growing louder, but separation will do nothing to remedy the country's woes, writes Khalid Al-Karimi

04 November, 2016

Comment: Six ceasefires have been declared over the last nineteen months, but these temporary peace efforts have backfired repeatedly. Khalid Al-Karimi asks what is behind this trend.

26 October, 2016

Comment: Yemen's internationally backed President Hadi is still living in exile, leaving the country with weak and ineffective leadership, writes Khalid Al-Karimi

20 October, 2016

Comment: If the warring sides in Yemen continue to turn a deaf ear to UN resolutions, the country will simply slide further towards anarchy and fragmentation, writes Khalid Al-Karimi.

09 October, 2016