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Nick Rodrigo


Rodrigo is a journalist and PhD candidate at the CUNY Graduate Centre. He has worked in policy analysis on the Middle East in South Africa, as well as in Palestinian and Iranian human rights organisations in Palestine and the UK.

Comment: How will Trump's nominations for key positions in his cabinet shape the course of US foreign policy? Nick Rodrigo takes a look the politics of some of the candidates.

17 November, 2016

Comment: Like the NYPD in New York, Israeli authorities are using draconian laws and newly formed cyber units to monitor individuals engaged in 'dangerous' or 'subversive' behaviour writes Nick Rodrigo

08 November, 2016

Comment: Clinton's proximity to US police and security forces means she would probably pass legislation expanding their ability to monitor communities, at the cost of civil liberties, writes Nick Rodrigo

18 October, 2016

Comment: In the US and Israel, colonial attitudes towards indigenous land have combined with the overbearing power of market forces to displace Native Americans and Bedouins, writes Nick Rodrigo

14 October, 2016

Comment: Israel's 'Iron Wall' has become official policy of political parties from left to right, scuppering peace, and giving Israel one of the world's most powerful militaries, writes Nick Rodrigo

26 September, 2016

Comment: Islamophobia in the US is rising, but Muslims in America have a long history of standing up for social justice in the face of discrimination, writes Nick Rodrigo.

01 September, 2016

Comment: Brexit paves the way to an unfettered flow of arms, and leaves Britain looking to make new deals in order to reinforce its waning diplomatic clout, writes Nick Rodrigo.

06 July, 2016

Abbas hopes to bring South Africa into this new gambit by Paris to kick-start the peace process consistently stalled due to Palestinian fractiousness and Israeli land expropriation, writes Nick Rodrigo.

03 June, 2016

Comment: State Comptroller's report criticising the actions of the IDF during Israel's 2014 war with Hamas provides capital to the right wing's continuing assault on the Israeli military.

19 May, 2016

Comment: The warmongering of the former British prime minister has allowed him to gain wealth and influence across the world, notes Nick Rodrigo.

05 November, 2015