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Mohamed ElMeshad


Journalist and PhD candidate at SOAS. His research interests focus on political economy. He extensively worked on Egypt, Bahrain, West Africa, the UK and US. Recently, he contributed to the Committee to Protect Journalists’ book, "Attacks on the Press" (2015).

Comment: Fielding another centrist candidate in 2020 will lose the Democrats the election, as it did in 2016, writes Mohammed ElMeshad.

20 November, 2019

Comment: Lebanon's economic system needs profound change, not just superficial reforms, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

04 November, 2019

Comment: Saudi Arabia's economic imperialism on the football field is a danger to Egypt's cultural sovereignty, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

21 August, 2018

Comment: Egypt's new laws class social media accounts as media outlets, and mark another setback for journalists in an increasingly oppressive climate, writes Mohamed el-Meshad.

21 June, 2018

Comment: Could Mo Salah's megastar status protect him enough to speak out against the atrocities in Gaza? asks Mohamed el-Meshad.

23 May, 2018

Comment: As America's might begins to decline, China looks to its BRICS associates - including Sisi's Egypt - in the search for global dominance, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

06 September, 2017

Comment: In its latest crackdown, Sisi's government has assigned a state-run investment company to run Egypt's chain of beloved Alef bookstores, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

25 August, 2017

Comment: Rather than being a source of shock and anger, Mubarak's recent acquittal on all charges is a reminder that the 'deep state' is very much intact, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

06 March, 2017

Comment: On the anniversary of Mubarak's ousting, his legacy is not simply one of a deposed autocrat, but the origin of an ongoing state of governmental degeneration, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

10 February, 2017

Comment: The revolution was aided by the presence of a relatively critical media. But the media's trajectory since then reflects the path of regime politics and leadership, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

25 January, 2017