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Comment Arab leaders are split over whether terrorism or democracy is the legacy of the Arab Spring, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

03 April, 2017

Comment: Merkel's visit was just the latest to endorse the police state built by Sisi in exchange for help on curbing migration to Europe, writes Alaa Bayoumi

28 March, 2017

Analysis: Egypt's economy is growing, but inequality is leaving millions trapped in poverty, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

28 February, 2017

Comment: The Arab Spring can only be fully understood when we study how and why citizen uprisings were crushed by deep-seated power, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

01 November, 2016

Comment: What is behind the growing divide between long-term allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and what will this mean for foreign policy makers in an ever-more fragmented region?

21 October, 2016