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Ali M Latifi


Ali M Latifi is a Kabul-based freelance journalist. He has reported from Afghanistan, Qatar, Turkey, Greece and Washington, DC.

US diplomat Karen Decker's recent tone-deaf tweet suggesting Afghan women could benefit from the likes of Beyonce and Lizzo shows the ignorance and lack of reflexivity that pervade Western perceptions of Afghanistan, writes Ali M Latifi.

21 February, 2023

Since the Taliban returned to power, the roads leading to Bamiyan, the province home to some of Afghanistan's most well-known historic and natural sites, have become safe. But the sanctions-hit economy is keeping people from travelling there freely.

13 September, 2022

One year after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban's subsequent return, ordinary Afghans are struggling to make ends meet. For one Afghan bricklayer, the dire economic situation has forced him to consider more drastic ways to survive.

15 August, 2022

After the Taliban's August takeover, four Afghan youngsters, Nasratullah, Safiallah, Khiyali Gul, and Attaallah, decided to leave their cities in hopes of heading to Europe. But their journey took a perilous turn when they were sent to Syria instead.

19 April, 2022

Seven months after seizing control of Afghanistan, the Taliban have betrayed their promise to allow women to attend school. The decision has sparked fear among female activists who state the move will only encourage new forms of repression.

01 April, 2022

Three-time Oscar-nominated animation Flee is a kaleidoscopic film about Afghan life amid turbulence. But its cinematic significance extends beyond that of Afghanistan, Flee has become a vital film that represents the global refugee experience.

18 March, 2022

Comment: It's time for Islamophobes the world over to take responsibility for their hateful rhetoric, writes Ali M Latifi.

15 March, 2019

Analysis: The wife of Washington's Taliban negotiator has sparked outrage with an essay saying Afghan women were relying on US troops and cash to achieve liberation.

07 March, 2019

In Afghanistan, the potential threat of war between India and Pakistan has proven especially engrossing, writes Ali M Latifi.

02 March, 2019

Analysis: Afghans once lauded Donald Trump as a breath of fresh air, but his love of airstrikes and rewriting of history have won him few friends, reports Ali Latifi.

25 February, 2019