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Shan. A. Zain

A. Zain

Shan. A. Zain is a journalist and writer based in New Delhi, covering foreign policy and international security issues in Asia and the Middle East.

India's emergence as a major player in the Middle East at the expense of Pakistan has triggered a realignment of regional power dynamics.

04 September, 2020

This year millions of Muslims across the world are facing a Ramadan like never before, as communal and cultural events are disrupted by the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

21 April, 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak has stoked vile Islamophobia in India, with right-wing extremists accusing Muslims of deliberately spreading the virus to kill Hindus.

08 April, 2020

As the US seeks to remove troops from Afghanistan, will the country become another battleground for regional rivals, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and their allies?

10 March, 2020

India's Modi faces the challenging task of navigating an unfamiliar and tricky geo-political situation in order to keep intact the close partnership he has forged with some Gulf countries.

21 February, 2020