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Lyndon Peters


Lyndon Peters is an independent activist and researcher. His work focuses on the UK's relationship with the Gulf states. He has worked with human rights organisations on many issues relating to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.

Comment: Understanding poverty in Egypt requires looking beyond Sisi and the military, and considering the harmful role of international institutions, writes Lyndon Peters.

21 November, 2019

Comment: Celebrities, businesses and governments still have time to take a stand against UAE's human rights record, and pull their support from Dubai Expo 2020, writes Lyndon Peters.

24 October, 2019

Comment: In Africa, the UAE, like the P5, works alongside autocratic regimes to expand their strategic interests, writes Lyndon Peters.

09 October, 2019

Comment: In 2010, Briton Jaafar al-Hasabi was arrested and tortured in Bahrain. The FCO intervened but belatedly. The FCO's recent record suggests continued neglect and complicity, writes Lyndon Peters

16 August, 2019