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Moe Chreif


Writer and filmmaker

Arab migrants in Calais share their stories with The New Arab, as French authorities destroy their makeshift shelters.

04 March, 2016

A man stabbed commuters at a London tube station, seriously injuring one of them, before being apprehended by police officers in what Scotland Yard is treating as a 'terrorist incident'.

07 December, 2015

Every Saturday, Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee in Germany, cooks for the homeless on the streets of Berlin.

27 November, 2015

A camerawoman in Hungary was fired on Tuesday after videos of her kicking and tripping up migrants including a man carrying a child, spread on the internet.

09 September, 2015

Comment: The Lebanese know what's ailing their country and have united to demand comprehensive reform and show the "old guard" they will not serve their political agendas, writes Moe Chreif.

09 September, 2015

Analysis: Activists won't back down from demanding an end to corruption and the holding of parliamentary elections after peaceful protests turned violent and claimed a protester's life.

24 August, 2015

Economic refugees, like many of us, seek better lives for themselves and their families, after their economies have been plundered by international corporations, says Moe Chreif.

04 August, 2015

Culture: The family of the renowned cartoonist have scanned his catalogue of work into a database and published a selection of his work in a book.

10 July, 2015

Comment: The plan to hold a referendum among Christian-Maronites about their preferred presidential candidate shows that politicians are out of touch with the public, says Moe Chreif.

03 July, 2015

Blog: Many on Twitter are eulogising an Emirati non-commissioned officer who died during training in Saudi Arabia.

26 June, 2015