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Horriya Marzouk

Horriya Marzouk

Horriya Marzouk

Egypt's revolutions against autocratic rule shone across the Arab region as a permeating example of civil power. Unfortunately, this light would flicker briefly. Seven years on, with Sisi still in power, are the Egyptian people really better off?

29 June, 2021

Analysis: By brokering the Gaza ceasefire, Egypt has gained diplomatic leverage and restored its role as a regional mediator, with the Biden administration willing to overlook human rights abuses to protect mutual interests.

08 June, 2021

An embodiment of the insatiable harmonies of the East mixed with the restrained structure of the West, The New Arab remembers Abdo Dagher, Egypt's violin extraordinaire. Self-taught, we pay tribute to the master of improvisation.

02 June, 2021

Analysis: The latest conflict in Gaza has seen a marked shift in Egypt's policies and official rhetoric towards Palestinians, but many see it as a bid to reinforce Cairo's regional clout.

24 May, 2021

With systemic failings and neglect at the heart of a recent derailing of a train in Egypt that tragically left 32 dead and more than 100 injured, The New Arab finds out why Egypt's railways are in such dire condition, and which parties are at fault.

21 May, 2021

Why a new draft personal status law that reduces females to 'machines for birthing children' is a shocking and frustrating set-back for Egyptian women's rights.

08 March, 2021

In-depth: A $200 million arms deal with Cairo has led many to question the seriousness of Biden's vow to take a tougher stance on human rights violations in Egypt.

24 February, 2021

Earlier this year, Egypt approved amendments to the 2016 law against FGM, toughening prison sentences against those undertaking the illegal procedure, but many argue this is still not enough.

16 February, 2021

Hosni Mubarak reigned as Egypt’s fourth president for almost 30 years but his downfall seemed imminent one decade earlier as people's rage and frustration in the country grew.

10 February, 2021

In-depth: The Seif family became prominent figures in Egypt's uprising, confronting oppressive regimes which have made them pay dearly - sometimes with years behind bars.

26 January, 2021