TNA Webinar Video: The Blockade of Qatar 3 Years On

TNA Webinar Video: The Blockade of Qatar 3 Years On
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17 June, 2020
Webinar series bringing you live discussions from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and beyond
Watch below the recorded live discussion on the current political and media landscapes of the Gulf 3 years after the Gulf crisis first began.

Our speakers explored questions such as: How have Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s calculations failed and how is Qatar faring today? Where do other key regional players such as US, Turkey and Iran stand in relation to the crisis? How has the emergence of new shared challenges this year (such as coronavirus) impacted the prospects for reconciliation? Who is winning the narrative war on the global stage?

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen is a Fellow for the Middle East at Rice University's Baker Institute for Pub-lic Policy and Associate Fellow with the Middle East and North Africa Program at Chatham House. He is the author of seven books, including five on the Gulf, the most recent being Qatar and the Gulf Crisis (Hurst, February 2020).

Reem Alharami is a researcher and columnist. She was a fellow at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University in New York. She has published articles in both Arabic and English, in several international newspapers and websites. Her interests are focused on issues such as media and social media; counter-terrorism; feminism and women’s issues; and international and U.S. politics.

Abdulrahman Elshayyal was the CEO of Alaraby Aljadeed, a pan-Arab news organisation, and a board member of Alaraby TV. Previously, he worked at the BBC world service in different roles as well as the University of Birmingham and government departments where he worked on gulf security issues. He was also responsible for setting up a media training institute in Yemen.

Watch the video below or click here for an audio only version

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