Moved, abused, and forgotten: Human Trafficking in the Middle East

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1 min read
06 August, 2021
The New Arab Voice is our bi-weekly podcast bringing you compelling stories from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

In this weeks episode we survey the situation in Tunisia, and the commemorations in Beirut. 
Then, we explore human trafficking in the Middle East. We examine the how it is able to flourish, the lack of laws, and speak to the people that trying to put an end to the practise. We also look at the case of British women who were trafficked to Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State, and who have now been abandoned by the British government. 

And finally, we discuss Limbo, a new film about asylum seekers on a remote Scottish island. 

This podcast is produced by Hugo Goodridge (@hugogoodridge). Music by Omar al-Fil (@elepheel). 

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