Human Rights on Trial: Aid workers in the dock and Greek-Turkish relations

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20 January, 2023
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This week on The New Arab Voice, we're looking at the trial of the volunteers who helped migrants on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Last week, a group of volunteers appeared in court, facing numerous charges related to voluntary work they undertook to help migrants that were arriving on the island by boat. 

Despite the long history of cooperation between the organisations and the Greek authorities, they were arrested, charged, and many were detained for long periods of time. 

One of those arrested and charged was Seán Binder. 

Seán sat down with The New Arab Voice this week to talk about his work on Lesvos, his arrest and detention, the

build-up and his eventual trial, and how the targeting of volunteers, like him, will affect vital search and rescue work at sea. 

Also joining us this week is Surhat Çubukçuoğlu, a senior fellow in the Department of Strategic Studies at Trends Research and Advisory. We speak with Surhat about the historical relationship between Greece and Turkey, the points of contention, how migrant issues affect their relationship, and what the future may hold. 


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