Genocidal Friends: How Arab states chose China over the Uyghurs

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08 April, 2022
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This week on The New Arab Voice, we explore the growing trend of cooperation between Arab states and the Chinese government in the persecution of Uyghur Muslims.

Why are Arab states cooperating with the Chinese government in the persecution of Uyghur Muslims? What form does this cooperation take? And what can be done to protect Uyghur Muslims?

Featuring interview with Bradley Jardine (@Jardine_bradley), Research Director at the The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs (@OxusSociety), and Uyghur activists and linguist Abduweli Ayup (@AbduwelA).

And then we speak with Mona Mansour (@MonaMansourNY) about her new play The Vagrant Trilogy, which opens at The Public Theater (@PublicTheaterNY) in New York on April 8th.  Ticket information here


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